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Episode Synopsis Of Serial Ekk Nayi Pechchan

Ekk Nayi Pehchaan
Ekk Nayi Pehchaan

Episode 37- Tuesday 11th February- Sharda feels confident and happy on receiving appreciation from all. Sakshi feels proud of Sharda and says we’ll have pajama party. Diya is playing with Sakshi; Latika doesn’t like her closeness to Sakshi. Karan and Sakshi notice the missed calls, both are wondering whether to call or not. Dining table scene- Sakshi shares with everybody about Sharda’s introduction speech. Suresh appreciates Sharda. Karan and Sakshi looking into their phone and getting anxious. Finally both are talking to each other. Karan surprises Sakshi by decorating the courtyard. Karan Sakshi in the balcony both doze off while talking.

Episode 38- Wednesday 12th February- Sakshi wakes up and find her earing is phasa hua in Karan’s shirt. Sharda catches them together and is happy. Sakshi feels shy. Sakshi’s friends come and they pr Episodeare for the party. Karan and Sakshi’s antakshari moment. Sakshi goes to call Sharda. Sharda sneaks out of her room when Suresh goes to sleep Episode. All are enjoying, Sharda tells the girls about her hey days. They all are dancing including Sharda and Dadi comes there with Suresh. He sees Sharda is dancing and tells Sakshi he wants to talk to her. Suresh tells Sakshi that rules of this house will not change for anyone.

Episode 39 – Thursday 13th February- Karan and Sakshi talking on phone, Sakshi sounds upset. Karan makes her smile with his mimic of Suresh. Sakshi feels guilty for Sharda. Latika and chirag surprised to know about Sharda. Suresh ignores Sharda. Sharda boils badam in olive oil for Dadi’s headache. Sakshi tells to Sharda to go for coaching class, Sharda denies. Sakshi feels guilty. Karan come to Sakshi and tries to make her feel light. While talking he asked Sakshi’s favorite flowers. Sakshi finds all room messy and start arranging his mess with smile. Karan plan’s a surprise for Sakshi. Sharda apologies to Suresh. Sakshi finds a gift in the kitchen. Sharda feels guilty for missing the class.

Episode 40 – Friday 14th February- Sakshi finds a gift and she likes that. Sakshi tells Sharda that she should also wish valentine day to suresh. Sakshi goes where Karan has called her. karan says it’s our first valentine so it had to be romantic. Postman comes and gives a letter which is dadi bua’s letter. Karan is doing same things as she did on his b’day for make her happy. Latika and Sharda is worried about diya. Karan and Sakshi dancing together, some romantic moment between them. Sharda wishes Valentine’s Day to Suresh. When karan and Sakshi walking out, Sakshi’s heel breaks. Karan holds her in his arms. He gifts a car to Sakshi.

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