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We have recently released our official Android mobile application , which is available for download from Google Play Store. Motive of the app is to provide instant updates to users smartphone and other devices , first version is released now. It’s contain the simplified version of this website, from menu you can browse posts related to each channels. Daily schedules, TRP ratings, Information about Serials, Reality Shows, Musical Shows, Comedy Programs etc can be check after Download App. You can very soon expect a feature rich version of Kannada TV Mobile Application.

Download link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kannadatv.app


Kabzaa On prime
Kabzaa On prime

Work fine with any type of network, App will load text first and then loading images, Even on a 2G network you can open TV Kannada mobile Application.

Save images or use it as Your mobile phone wall paper, There is a download image option added to the feature list. We are regularly updating content with official posters of serials and other programs.

Bookmark, You can save particular news for checking it later. Share options also added, spread news to your friends or relatives through Whatsapp , Facebook and other social media profiles.

Please remember that no live streaming or online videos Available through Kannada TV Mobile Application.

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