Dev Joshi Talking about his experience of Baalveer Returns show

I want to make a difference in the world with Baalveer Returns , says Dev Joshi from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Having started his journey in the entertainment industry as a child artist, the award winning star, Dev Joshi won everyone over with his phenomenal performance as one of the most admired superheroes, Baalveer on Sony SAB. Now, the nation’s favourite superhero is back with Baalveer Returns on Sony SAB. Baalveer Returns, produced by Optimystix Entertainment, will take the viewers on a roller coaster journey as their favorite superhero Baalveer attempts to fight evil in order to save the world!

1. How does it feel coming back to television after all these years, and that too with Sony SAB?

Sony SAB continues to be really close to my heart. I have always enjoyed the kind of content Sony SAB showcases. I got an opportunity to be a part of Baalveer which garnered immense love and support from the viewers. I’m thrilled to be back with the channel in a brand new avatar and I eagerly look forward to creating magic on the television screen once again. Baalveer has been the biggest part of my life and people have appreciated my work and I am sure people will enjoy Baalveer Returns much more as we are returning with lots of new and exciting elements.

Dev Joshi as Baalveer on Sony SAB TV Show Baalveer Returns
Dev Joshi as Baalveer

2. What drove you into accepting the role of Baalveer again?

I feel really fortunate that I got the opportunity to play the character of Baalveer and it is really special to me. The role has earned me love and respect from all over the world.I was recently honoured with Pradhanmantri Baal Shakti Puraskar for Art and Culture by the President of India for the positivity I was able to spread in the society with the role of Baalveer.

The character of Baalveer has given me some extraordinary experiences and memories in life so far and I am fortunate that I got the privilege to make a difference again as Baalveer in Baalveer Returns.

3. How different is your character in Baalveer Returns?

Superhero Baalveer will continue to be the guardian of truth and justice as he initiates his quest to discover another Baalveer. Earlier, my character was a child with his cute and innocent ways but as we return, Baalveer has grown up and he understands the onus of the responsibilities on him to save the world. With Baalveer Returns, the character has grown and along with the children as our audience, even teenagers will relate and enjoy the show.

4. What can viewers expect from Baalveer Returns?

The entire feel and look of the show is different and a lot of thought and effort has been put into Baalveer Returns to bring the mystical world of Kaal Lok and Veer Lok to life. There are several new characters who will be a part of the show and Baalveer will also have new companions to guide and help him through his journey to save the world. What excited me the most were the characters Shaurya, the lion and Akroor, evil Black Panther and I’m sure our audience will enjoy them as well. The viewers can expect grandeur and larger than life visuals weaved beautifully in a gripping storyline that is essayed by a promising cast.

5. Kids have had a great liking towards you as Baalveer. Now that you are a grown up in Baalveer Returns, do you think they will love you the same way?

Dev Joshi in Baalveer Returns Serial Sony SAB
Dev Joshi in Baalveer Returns Sony SAB

Earlier the focus of the show Baalveer was mainly towards children and the storyline was created keeping in mind the likes of that age group. There were life lessons embedded in each episodes to teach the children something significant every day. Baalveer Returns comes with a promising storyline to captivate the audience in their teens and younger. Baalveer now will have a greater purpose and he would take his fans and viewers along with him in the journey.

The show and the characters are more equipped with extraordinary powers and abilities. The concept of the show has evolved and so have today’s audience. It has been curated with utmost care for the new age audiences. Baalveer Returns is for the entire family to sit together and enjoy and I hope they adore the adventures and thrill we have in store for them.

6. How exciting is it to play a fictional character, with all the costumes and gadgets?

It is exciting to be a superhero in the reel life. This time the character of Baalveer has a golden touch of Science and Technology. My costume, gadgets and weapons are upgraded to fight a much powerful enemy this time. Although the costume is elaborate but it has been beautifully designed to be stunt friendly and comfortable. I was really excited when I first saw the costume.

7. If you actually were a superhero, what would you like to change in this world?

If I had real superpowers like Baalveer, I will contribute by eradicating the evil of Terrorism in the world.

8. How is it like working with the new cast?

Baalveer Returns has an entirely new cast, so everyone is new to me. It has been a learning as well as exciting journey so far. I am thrilled to see the excitement in everyone for the show and the love for their characters. Some of the cast have been diligent followers of Baalveer previously and I feel grateful to be working with them.

9. Are there any similarities between your character and you in real life?

I relate with Baalveer’s purpose in life and he is a character that I even look up to. As an individual I want to make a change in this world and also I’m really fond of children. After playing the role of Baalveer for such a long time, I understand him and there is a significant part of him within me.

10. Do you watch Sony SAB? Which is your favourite show on the channel?

Sony SAB has always been my favorite channel due to its unique shows and interesting stories. The channel has always come up with family friendly shows which are created keeping in mind all age groups and with a sole purpose of spreading happiness. I can’t pick one show as I feel all the show have a unique way of entertaining us.

11. Any specific preparation you have done or had to undergo to get into the role of Baalveer?

I have undergone a series of changes and I have been preparing for the character since I have been roped in for Baalveer Returns. Physical fitness is a major aspect of the character so I have to make sure I never miss gym. I am even into Parkour training and Gymnastics which helps me bring perfection to the action sequences. I want to explore every possible route to do justice to the character and live up to our viewer’s expectations.

Watch Dev Joshi create magic as he makes a comeback with Baalveer Returns on 10th September every Monday- Friday at 8pm only on Sony SAB.

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