David Rocco Dolce India – Starting 20th March at 9:30 P.M On Fox Traveller

David Rocco Dolce India On Fox Traveller

David Rocco Dolce India
David Rocco Dolce India

Watch David Rocco give an Indian tadka to Italian dishes only on the brand new series ‘David Rocco Dolce India’ starting 20th March, every Thursday-Friday night at 9:30 pm, only on Fox Traveller. FOX Traveller is all set to launch Celebrity Chef David Rocco’s Italian-Indian culinary adventure on the Indian television screen with ‘David Rocco Dolce India.’ Watch the culinary genius immerse himself in the charm and beauty of India as he whips-up mouthwatering Italian delicacies with an Indian tadka every Thursday & Friday night at 9:30 pm, starting 20th March 2014 only on FOX Traveller.

The Italian-obsessed chef will be eating his way through Indian cities – Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chennai, combining ingredients and techniques from his beloved Italy with those he’s never experienced before. So, whether it is celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi, cooking a meal at Delhi’s Bangla Sahib Gurduwara or simply rubbing shoulders with Bollywood stars like Neha Dhupia, David is not just exploring new flavors of food but also people, culture and traditions.

Through the show, David uses his Italian-rooted passion for food drawing inspiration from the differences & similarity between the two countries to create sumptuous delicacies. Each episode will see David prepare an “Indi-talian” fusion dish. So get ready to see the ultimate cultural exchange on Indian television as David creates an Indian-style risotto incorporating the local cheese ‘paneer’ and peas – a spin on both the Indian classic dish Mattar Paneer and the Italian Risi-e-Bisi or creates a fusion of stuffed naan with panzerotti/calzone.

India’s spicy palette. David is known for his love for the Italian cuisine. So, it would be really interesting to see him flirt with the Indian cuisine. We are confident that the Indian viewers will appreciate and enjoy David’s Indian culinary adventure.”

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