Cricket Ka Ticket Winners – Aditi Chauhan And Abhishek Batra Have Triumphed Amongst The Pool Of 22 Talented Cricketers

Colors and Rajasthan Royals unveil the first-ever winners of Cricket Ka Ticket

Aditi Chauhan And Abhishek Batra
Aditi Chauhan And Abhishek Batra

Colors and Rajasthan Royals are thrilled to announce the two talented and deserving winners of the groundbreaking reality show “Cricket ka Ticket.” After months of fierce competition and unwavering dedication, Aditi Chauhan and Abhishek Batra have triumphed amongst the pool of 22 talented cricketers, earning an exceptional opportunity to showcase their cricketing prowess and fuel their passion towards the sport.

Apart from cash awards for the duo, a mentorship programme for the winners and runners-up has also been initiated that would be spread throughout the year and will consist of cricket training by Rajasthan Royals’ coaches, health and fitness sessions with the franchise’s Head Physio John Gloster and Strength and Conditioning Coach A.T Rajamani Prabhu, mental health sessions, and fortnightly catchups with coaches to track development of the fresh talents.

Cricket Ka Ticket Winner – Aditi Chauhan

Aditi belongs to a joint family where she stands as the sole female member committed to pursuing sports. Despite actively participating in local tournaments across the state, she has yet to secure an opportunity to represent her state team. This is primarily due to the remarkable talent pool and intense competition prevalent in Rajasthan. However, when Rajasthan Royals, in collaboration with COLORS, launched India’s biggest sports reality show “Cricket Ka Ticket”, Aditi found a path to advancement in her career, with a reward of 5 lacs and the opportunity to appear for trials at several T20 women teams.

Cricket ka Ticket Winners
Cricket ka Ticket Winners

Despite a rocky start in the competition, the judges decided to believe in her and kept her as a contender. Former and current Royals players and coaches were heavily active in motivating and mentoring Aditi, as well as providing expertise on how to develop her overall game. She was able to recover and leave everyone surprised, and it was a life-changing experience for Aditi, who went on to win theshow. Aditi will have the opportunity to work with the Royals coaching team for the rest of the year, which will focus on her overall cricketing and mental growth, as well as secure huge opportunities for her to give trials for women T20 teams.

Abhishek Batra – Cricket Ka Ticket Winner

Hailing from a banking background, Abhishek Batra‘s story is particularly inspiring. Leaving behind the security of a stable job, he decided to chase his dreams and pursue his lifelong passion for cricket. Throughout the show, Abhishek displayed unwavering commitment and exhibited tremendous skill, making him an outstanding contender from the very start. Abhishek’s exceptional performance won the hearts of the esteemed panel of judges and of the viewers too.

Upon Rajasthan Royals’ recommendation, Abhishek Batra prepares to embark on his professional cricketing journey as he joins the North Devon Cricket Club (United Kingdom) for their upcoming Devon Cricket League campaign. Abhishek’s transformation from a banker to a cricketer exemplifies the spirit of determination and passion the cricketing community seeks in the upcoming generation.

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