Connexion – New Game Show on Vijay TV Launching On 10 November 2013

Fun Filled Game Show on Vijay TV Launches Connexion On 10 November 2013 Sunday at 1300 hrs


Connexion is an all new fun show hosted by Jagan who has earlier done shows like Kadavul Pathi Mirugam Pathi and movies including Ayan and Maryan. The show is a picture based game and fun show featuring celebs from the small and silver screen as participants forming three teams.

Connexion game starts with the Round called One By Two. Each team takes turn to come to the center stage and faces the LED wall where a set of two images appear. They have to find the funny common Connexion (a word) between the two images. A Word that commonly connects the two images purely on a crazy way in spoken Tamil or familiar English. Units are awarded on getting the connecting word right. Similarly other two teams play and earn their units

The show progresses to the next round of “Joint family” where the teams need to play picture dumbcharades. While Jagan will state the category of the answer the teams need to link an connect multiple images that indicate the name of a person, a place or a thing.

Its a funfilled innovative game show which the Tamil audiences have never seen before . K. Sriram GM , Opines “ its a Game show that would go viral instantly and would be played in every home , school , college and in any friendly gathering .Such is the addictiveness to this game‘ The opening episode features small screen celebrities Bhavana, Jane, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Aran, Ophelia and Rohini . Don’t miss it on Sunday at 1 pm only on Vijay TV.

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