Colors Kitchen Program Final Episodes on Colors Tamil Channel – This Weekend

Tune into COLORS Tamil on 30th and 31st January at 12:00 noon to catch all the excitement – Colors Kitchen

Colors Tamil’s hit cookery show – Colors Kitchen is all set to come to a grand closure with its finale episodes, over this weekend. The episode is going to get all the more delectable as television fame – actress Dhanalakshmi and actress Seetha will stir up scrumptious dishes, along with renowned culinary experts Chef Damu and Chef Shreeya Adka. So, here are three reasons for you to tune into Colors Kitchen this weekend, 30th January and 31st January at 12:00 noon only on Colors Tamil.

Last Episodes of Colors Kitchen
கலர்ஸ் கிச்சன்

Tantalizing Express

To persuade the audience with luscious flavours and aromas, celebrated culinary expert/Guinness world record winner Chef Damu is all set to spice things up and charm the audience with two palatable dishes – Citrus Mojito and Carrot Laddu in this weekend’s Damu Darbar segment. Apart from showcasing delicious recipes, Chef Damu will also be seen sharing impressive culinary knacks to the audience as part of the segment.

Celebrity Faction

The finale episodes of Colors Kitchen is going to to be loaded with amusing entertainment as it brings together actress Dhanalakshmi and actress Seetha as part of VIP Veetu Samayal and Killadi Cook segment to enhance their expertise in the culinary arena. Teamed up with loved ones, the celebrities will render mouth-watering dishes filled with sticking flavours – Capsicum Bread Omelette, Pacha Milagai Halwa, Mutton Shakalaka Baby and Meen Cutlet,

Nutritious Delight – When words fails to express love, food saves the day, and to prove this right, Chef Shreeya Adka in the weekend’s episode will entice your palate by showcasing an array of delicious recipes like Bread Rava Toast and Chocolate Fruit Smoothie as part of Suda Suda Samayal segment. Simultaneously, Chef Shreeya Adka will also share some of the nutritious tips that one can incorporate in cooking without compromising on taste.

Hosted by the lively RJ Sri Ranjani, the finale episode of Colors Kitchen will sweep the audience away with exquisite dishes. Don’t forget to watch the show on 30th and 31st January only on Colors Tamil.

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