Chhota Bheem and The Shinobi Secret On Pogo – 3 November at 12 P.M

Pogo Showing New Movies and Exciting Contests During This Diwali 2013 Season

Chhota Bheem and The Shinobi Secret
Chhota Bheem and The Shinobi Secret

This Diwali, POGO is getting super filmy with Lights Camera Holiday! Tune-in everyday at 10am until November 04, 2013 for the best, funniest and most adventurous movies. There’s more! Chhota Bheem fans are in for a ginormous treat with the premiere of a new movie called Chhota Bheem and the Shinobi Secret on November 03 at 12pm. In this movie, Chhota Bheem must travel to Japan to help his friend save his kingdom from the siege of an evil Emperor and save the clan!

Pogo channel program chhota bheem and the shinobi secret

Last but not the least, to make this season truly spectacular, POGO TV Online is giving kids the chance to win some amazing prizes like Digi-Cams, Smartphones, etc. by participating in the Zabardast Diwali Contest every day, 10 am onwards. Tik Tak Tail, Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, Grizzy and the Lemmings, Takeshi’s Castle, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, The Oddbods Show, The Happos Family are some of the favorite pogo characters.

Pogo 2019 schedule

Grizzy And The Lemmings, Bheem Sang Udi Patang, Chhota Bheem Aur Chhalchhaaya , Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, Chhotabheem&Ganesh In Theamazing Odyssey etc are scheduled this week.

Pogo Cartoon Channel Latest Programs
Pogo Cartoon Channel Latest Programs

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series – 07:00 AM
Chhota Bheem – 09:00 AM
Chhota Bheem Neeli Pahaadi – 11:00 AM
Chhota Bheem – 12:30 PM
Grizzy And The Lemmings – 08:00 PM
Chhota Bheem – 09:30 PM
Mr. Bean: The Animated Series – 11:00 PM

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