Barbie Movie Streaming On BookMyShow Stream from 12 September, Pre-bookings are now live on BookMyShow Stream and Cinephiles

Painting the Town Pink: The biggest movie of the year, Barbie is now set to dazzle audiences on BookMyShow Stream!

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Lights, camera, enchantment! The magical world of Barbie came alive this year through Greta Gerwig’s highest-grossing movie of the year that took us down a nostalgic lane. The contemporary spin that relives the legacy of Mattel’s Barbie leaves us with a beautiful message showcasing the power of inclusivity and diversity.

For all the fans and for those who missed, the absolute must-watch will now be a click away on your screen from September 12th onwards on BookMyShow Stream, India’s premier home-grown Transaction Video-on-Demand (TVOD) platform. Now audiences can enjoy Barbie comfortably from their mobile, website, Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices.

The film is available for viewing in 4K with relevant compatible devices. Pre-bookings are now live on BookMyShow Stream and cinephiles can pre-rent or pre-buy the title, starting at Rs 499 and 799 respectively.

Watch Barbie Movie Online

Barbie’s pink phenomenon took the world by storm. In India alone we witnessed record-breaking viewership numbers and rave reviews, making it a box-office sensation. On BookMyShow alone, Barbie crossed a magnanimous milestone of 1.2 Million tickets sold, with social media being flooded with Barbie-inspired posts and selfies. The movie stood the test of time and evolved into a cultural revolution.

The revolutionary drama film is set in a parallel universe called Barbieland, where Barbie, played by Margot Robbie lives by the rules only to later explore the real world where she and Ken played by Ryan Gosling decide to leave the near-perfect women-dominated Barbiland and travel to the real world.

This is where the adventure begins, reality hits hard and turns their life around only for them to understand the true meaning of respect and empathy. The film gets more interesting with glimpses of history where we learn more about Barbi’s origins and is peppered with moments of humour, nostalgia and tears. It bridges the gap between fantasy and the real world keeping the magic of the doll house, pretty dresses and playdays alive.

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Baarbie is one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema helmed by a woman but made for everyone. It breaks the stigma of perfection long associated with every “girl’s” favourite toy and rather brings to life the core value behind the iconic figurine. The dynamic era of self-expression and identity is here and Barbie stands for it.

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