Baalveer 3 Star Cast – Sony SAB Channel Ropes in Aditi Sanwal as Kaashvi

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Baalveer 3
बालवीर 3 – सोनी सब ने अदिति सानवाल को बालवीर 3 में काश्‍वी का किरदार निभाने के लिये चुना, जोकि बालवीर की नई साथी होगी

Baalveer, India’s most loved superhero series is set to make its comeback on Sony SAB after capturing the hearts of its audience in the last two seasons. Baalveer 3, The new chapter in Baalveer’s life promises to be bigger and includes tonnes of action accompanied by a brand-new storyline and exciting characters.

Joining Dev Joshi, as a companion on this journey, is Aditi Sanwal who will essay the role of Kaashvi, a young girl who adores her parents and craves her mother’s love while she stays away for long durations. Kaashvi finds herself crossing paths with Baalveer and she proves to be a friend, companion, and partner. Together they will tackle the many evils of different worlds.

Baalveer 3 Star Cast

Baala Veer 3 on SonyLIV
बालवीर 3 कितने बजे देते हैं?

In the upcoming season, Baalveer is stripped of his powers and will go through multiple ups and downs as he finds his own path. A simple boy from Mumbai, he is unaware of the fact that he is a superhero and the protector of the universe. In their mission to conquer the universe, the dark forces rob Baalveer of his powers and memory, relegating him to live like a commoner. On this journey of self-realisation, he meets Kaashvi, a young girl he saves from an accident, and she proves integral to his story.

Baalveer 3 on SonyLIV

Aditi Sanwal, who is set to take on the role of Kaashvi, said, “Baalveer is one of the most loved superhero franchises on television and the fandom for the show is unbelievable. While I’m extremely happy to be joining the cast, I’m a little nervous as well. My character Kaashvi’s presence in Baalveer’s life is that of a friend, comrade and supporter and she will play an important role in his journey. The bond they create is going to be supremely special.”

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