Asianet Serials Ratings – Bharya Leads with 16.6, Vanambadi 15 and Karutha Muthu 14.5

Asianet Serials Ratings – Top Malayalam Channel Show

Asianet Serials Latest TRP RatingsWe have published the total trp points of all malayalam channels here, asianet serial ratings and other programs performance can be check now. as per latest barc data, bharya serial is the most popular malayalam tv show. it bagged 16.6 points last week, vanambadi another asianet drama listed at second positions with 15 points. serial parasparam moved out from top chart, it down into 6.1 because of the time change. asianet may stop parasaparam, now it’s airing at 6.30 p.m slot. Neelakkuyil, one of the recent offering from asianet got a decent opening with 13.4. kasthooriman earned 12, in top 5 list only asianet shows listed.

Ratings of Asianet Channel Shows and Serials

Serial Name Points
Bharya 16.6
Vanambadi Asianet Serials Ratings 15
Neelakkuyil 13.4
Karutha Muthu Asianet Serials Ratings 14.5
Kasthooriman 12
Parasparam asainet serial ratings 6.1

Flowers TV Ratings

Serial Name Points
Aaryakku Parinayam 2+
Uppum Mulakum 4.74
Rathrimazha 0.75
Seetha 2.09
Malarvadi 1.36
Arundathi 2.15
Mamankam 0.84

Surya TV ratings chart

Serial Name Points
Shaneeswaran 3.1
Nandhini 3
Ennu Swantham Jani 2.5
Maha Ganapathi 2.5
Ayalathe Sundari 1.9
Gowri 1.6

mazhavil manorama program trp ratings

Serial Name Points
Sthreepadam 4
Bhramanam 2.9
Ammuvinte Amma 2.1
Karnnan 1.4
Athmasakhi 1.2
Pranayini 0.9
Swanthanam Serial Actors
Swanthanam Serial Actors

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