Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus on Friday at 1:30 PM on Cartoon Network

21 January 2011, Friday @ 1:30 PM – Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus

Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus
Arjun and the Adventures of the Ice Lotus

21 January 2011, Friday @ 12 PM – Krishna in Vrindavan

Cartoon Network brings to you Krishna & Balram – kid’s favourite series which revolves around 8 year old Krishna’s and 9 year old Balram’s escapades in Vrindavan. Along with Radha and their friends, Krishna and Balram are always having fun: be it playing pranks on the unsuspecting gopis, stealing Butter (Makhan) or destroying any demon sent to kill Krishna by his evil uncle.

Go back to the age of Guru-Shishya tradition. At a time when Guru was seen next only to God, five students have a task at hand.Arjun, Bheem, Duryodhan, Ashvathama and Suvarna join forces to fight Yaki – the arch rival of their great Guru Dronacharya. What ensues is a battle that teaches them much more than just war cries and bravery stunts.

23 January 2011, Sunday @ 12 PM – Ashoka-the Hero

Ashoka is a young boy whose father was a policeman who was killed on duty. As a result, Ashoka’s mother is very protective of him. The boy usually spends his time with books, his dog and his mysterious neighbour Masa. His only wish is to be a brave and helpful person like his father.

Ghatothkach on Cartoon Network
Ghatothkach on Cartoon Network

One day Masa recounts the incredible story of Emperor Ashoka & the war of Kalinga. How the following destruction made him give up war and try to save mankind from itself. The story inspires Ashoka to use knowledge and self-belief to save mankind. He meets a scientist in his school who also wants to help mankind in his own way. However, all this is set to change. The scientist, Dr. Ferno, will soon become an enemy of mankind while his mysterious neighbour, Masa is actually the keeper of King Ashoka’s medallion with special powers. Watch how young Ashoka becomes Ashoka the hero only on Cartoon Network!

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