America’s Got Talent Extreme Season 1 – Every Monday-Friday at 9 PM on Colors Infinity

5 Of The Best Moments From America’s Got Talent Extreme Season 1

America's Got Talent Extreme Season 1
Aaron Wheelz – AGT

The stakes have never been higher! America’s Got Talent: Extreme Season 1 is all set to air on Colors Infinity this September Monday to Friday at 9 pm. A spin-off of the well-loved America’s Got Talent, this reality show takes things to a whole new level of danger and thrill which simply cannot be confined to a stage.

Some of the most talented stunt performers perform death-defying acts for the grand prize money of $500,000! Created by renowned TV personality Simon Cowell (The X Factor and Got Talent fame), the show features popular actor Terry Crews as the host with Simon Cowell, WWE Superstar Nikki Bella, and multiple X Games gold medallist Travis Pastrana in the judging panel.

Aaron Evans – Hardcore Parkour!

Traceur Aaron Evans has the guts to perform some of the most daredevil jumps. With his risky yet mind-boggling stunts, Aaron aspires to work towards his dream of buying his mom a restaurant with the prize money. His jaw-dropping stunts throughout the show will make you go gaga over him, and that’s a guarantee. Get ready to watch him jump over speedy McLarens – one of the most epic jumps of his life, with many more surprises on your way, only on Colors Infinity’s exclusive telecast of America’s Got Talent Extreme.

Aaron Wheelz – His Flip Makes The Crowd Flip Out!

Extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron Fotheringham aka Aaron Wheelz gears up for his riskiest stunt yet on America’s Got Talent Extreme Season 1. With the objective of working for the betterment of the wheelchair sports community, he is here to win the show. Watch this one-of-a-kind show where Wheelz will perform a backflip from a 50-feet ramp for the first time.

Erika Lemay – The Sky’s The Limit

With her childhood desire to catch the balloons that fly up in the sky, Erika Lemay started performing aerial stunts with a will to go against the law of gravity. Dangling onto hundreds of balloons in mid-air, she performs a stupendous number that leaves everyone in awe. Erika has stunned everyone, and of course, the judges have a surprise for her as well!

Erika Lemay - AGT Extreme
Erika Lemay – AGT Extreme

Jade Kindar-Martin – The Cycle Of Death sets fire to the stage

Jade Kindar-Martin is all set to push the lines of highwire with his never-seen-before act. With no nets, no high line, and nothing underneath for safety, he is going to dazzle the eyes of the spectators with something beyond limits. But that’s not all, Jade raises the stakes with another bonus element to his already risky stunt that leaves the viewers and judges completely flabbergasted.

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders – Four’s Not A Crowd!

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders keep setting their bar higher on America’s Got Talent Extreme Season 1. With each passing episode, they perform at a level beyond their limits and the stunts keep getting riskier and more dangerous. Adding four riders in the Cage of Death is something that was never ever seen by the audience in this show, or possibly ever!

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