Chutti TV Birthday Wishes – Celebrate Your Kids Birthday With Tamil Kids Channel

How Can You Send Your Kids Photo And Other Details – Chutti TV Birthday Wishes

Tamil Kids Channels
Tamil Kids Channels

சுட்டி டிவி பிரதி டே விஷேச, Chutti TV Birthday Wishes is very popular, you can check the details to send images and other details. chutti tv is the tamil kids channel from sun network and they wishing kids on their birthday. to scroll kids birthday wishes through chutti tv you need to send the details. you can visit the page http://www.sunnetwork.in/birthday/chutti/birthday.aspx and fill the details. you can fill the form with name, telecast date, mobile number, city , sender’s name and image etc. Cakes & Candles program in chutti tv will scroll the birthday message. you should send your wishes before 10 days of the telecast date.

Cakes and Candles

சுட்டி டிவி பிரதி டே விஷேச, Chutti tv birthday wishes program name is ” Cakes & Candles “. Sun network is one of the most popular television network. They have strong presence in south india. they have kids channel in tamil, malayalam, telugu and kannada. malayalam kids channel name is kochu tv. chutti tv is the kids channel of sun tv and it’s very popular in tamilnadu. chutti tv will pick the birthday wishes in first-cum-first serve basis. so it’s better to send the wishes as soon as possible.

Chutti TV Birthday Wishes Web Address
Chutti TV Birthday Wishes Web Address

This channel Available through SUN NXT Application, You can Find packages and Download Options of SUN TV Official Mobile App.

Instruction For Sending Birthday Wishes To Chutti TV

Date – Entering ‘DATE’ should be 10 days before the date of telecast. make sure that you are sending the birth day wish before 10 days of telecast. for example birth date 20th , it should reach chutti tv office before 10th.

Month – Wishes accepted for the current & upcoming month. if your kid birthday in august month, you can send the wishes on august or july. Then only chutti tv can arrange the message through Cakes & Candles show.

Image – Only image file with extension(.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed. These are the accepted file format for sending images of your kids.