Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants List – 16 Celebrities Name Who In The Bigg House

Asianet reality Show – bigg boss malayalam contestants profile

bigg boss malayalam contestants list
bigg boss malayalam contestants list

Swetha Menon, Ranjini Haridas, Sreelakshmi Sreekumar, Anoop Chandran, Tharikida Sabu, Hima Shankar, Pearly Maney, Archana Suseelan, Adhithi Rai, Srinish Aravind, Deepan, Diya Sana, Manoj Verma, Basheer, Aristo Suresh and David John are bigg boss malayalam contestants

Aditi Rai – Actress

Aditi Rai Malayalam Bigg Boss Contestant
Aditi Rai Actress

She appeared in some malayalam films, like anyarkku praveshanamilla etc. there is no more info about this malayalam bigg boss contestant.

Anoop Chandran – Film and TV Actor

Anoop Chandran Malayalam Bigg Boss Show
Anoop Chandran Actor

He is popular for his role in classmates movie, pazhamthuni. Anoop started his film career through black movie and appeared in many malayalam films.

Archana Suseelan – Actress

Archana Suseelan Malayalam Bigg Boss
Archana Suseelan

She is very familiar with malayalam mini screen viewers, played major roles in popular tv serials. Archana is now a part of this reality show.

Aristo Suresh – Singer / Actor

Aristo Suresh Asianet Bigg Boss
Aristo Suresh

Suresh kumar is his official name, become famous through the film action hero biju. muthe ponne pinangalle song sung by this bigg boss contestant.

Basheer Bashi – Entrepreneur, Actor

Basheer Bashi Bigg Boss Malayalam
Basheer Bashi

David John – Model and TV Actor

David Jhon Bigg Boss Show
David Jhon

Deepan Murali – Television Actor

Deepan Murali Bigg Boss Malayalam
Deepan Murali Serial Actor

He appeared is many popular malayalam television serials, now a part of asianet’s reality show.
Diya Sana – Social Activist / Student

Diya Sana Asianet Bigg Boss
Diya Sana

She is popular with kiss of love, maru thurakkal samaram etc. diya is one of the contestant at bigg boss malayalam reality show.

Hima Shankar – Actress

Hima Shankar Malayalam Bigg Boss
Hima Shankar

She appeared in many malayalam films, hima is a film and theater actress.
Manoj K Verma – Actor / Businessman

Manoj Varma
Manoj Varma

He played roles in some kannada films, now one of the contestant of asianet bigg boss show.

Pearle Maaney – Television Anchor/ Actress

Pearle Maaney Asianet Bigg Boss
Pearle Maaney

There is no introduction need for pearle, she anchored so many shows in mazhavil manorama and other channels. was a part of so many malayalam films.

Ranjini Haridas – Television Personality/Actress

Ranjini Haridas Asianet Bigg Boss
Ranjini Haridas

She become popular through musical show star singer, which aired on asianet channel. Ranjini also worked with a malayalam movie title Entry.

Sabumon Abdusamad – Actor/ TV Host

Sabumon Abdu Samad Bigg Boss
Sabumon Abdu Samad

he known as tharikida sabu, hosted a television show on surya tv. sabumon appeared in many malayalam films and now in the bigg boss house.

Shweta Menon – Model / Film Actress

swetha menon contestant bigg boss
swetha menon

Swetha appeared in many commercials , films etc and now participating in the show.

Sreelakshmi Jagathy Sreekumar- Television Anchor / Film Actress

Sreelakshmi Sreekumar Bigg Boss
Sreelakshmi Sreekumar

She is the daughter of malayalam actor Jagathy Sreekumar and one of the bigg boss malayalam contestants.

Srinish Aravind – Mini Screen Artist

Sreelakshmi Sreekumar bigg boss malayalam contestants
Srinish Aravind

Pranayam, Ammuvinte Amma are some of the serials of this contestant.