Satish Datt’s Journey From Behind The Camera In Front Of The Camera After 30 Years With Shemaroo Umang’s Kundali Milan

Shemaroo Umang | Kundali Milan | Satish Datt’s journey from behind the camera in front of the camera after 30 years with Shemaroo Umang’s Kundali Milan

Satish Datt Kundali Milan
शेमारू उमंग के शो ‘कुंडली मिलन’ के साथ कैमरे के पीछे से कैमरे के सामने प्रसिद्ध निर्देशक और अभिनेता सतीश दत्त करेंगे एक नए अभिनय करियर की शुरुआत!

Shemaroo Umang’s Kundali Milan not only brings together a talented cast but also marks a significant milestone in the career of veteran creative director and actor Satish Datt. After spending three decades behind the camera, Satish Datt is all set to return to facing the camera in the show.

Having witnessed the evolution of television from weekly one-hour programming to 24-hour programming, from one channel to more than 500 channels with a variety of programs, and now with the rise of OTT platforms surpassing films as well, Satish Datt reflects on his journey.

“After spending 30 years in the industry as a director, creative director, writer, and editor, I recently started acting again, and there is no better place to do it than with the show ‘Kundali Milan’ and Mr. Arvind Babbal. I have worked with him at every level, from assistant director to chief assistant director to director. As an actor in my fifties, I’m relishing this new stage of life. I want to become well-known as an actor in addition to my success as a creative director for many known fiction and non-fiction shows.”

Serial Kundali Milan
कुंडली मिलन

Kundali Milan

Known for his expertise in storytelling and direction, Satish Datt‘s transition from behind the camera to in front of it has been a remarkable and transformative journey. His return to acting after three decades brings a renewed passion for the stage, unleashing his creative prowess and captivating viewers with his portrayal in Kundali Milan.

With his vast understanding of storytelling and his dedication to his craft, Satish Datt’s presence in Kundali Milan adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. Set against the backdrop of Mathura, the show unravels a tale of love, destiny, and the indomitable spirit of human relationships. As audiences embark on this enchanting journey, Satish Datt’s portrayal promises to leave a lasting impression.

Watch Kundali Milan every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 PM only on Shemaroo Umang

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