Aditi Rathore About The Character Tanvi Sharma in Sony SAB TV’s Latest Serial Aangan – Aapno Kaa

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Serial Aangan – Aapno Kaa Star Cast – Aditi Rathore as Tanvi Sharma

Aditi Rathore as Tanvi Sharma

In Sony SAB’s much-anticipated show ‘Aangan – Aapno Kaa’, the audience is in for a heartwarming tale about a single father and his unbreakable bond with his three daughters. Mahesh Thakur takes on the role of the loving father, Jaidev Sharma, while Ayushi Khurana beautifully portrays the character of the youngest daughter, Pallavi Sharma, who is determined to take care of her father and has a unique perspective on marriage.

She wholeheartedly believes that women don’t have to give up on being daughters to become wives and is determined to prioritize her father over anything. Neetha Shetty plays the eldest daughter, Deepika Sharma, a career-oriented air hostess, who is balancing her personal and professional lives while Aditi Rathore plays the middle daughter of the Sharma family, Tanvi Sharma.

A devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law, Tanvi’s is committed to fulfilling her familial duties.

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Aditi Rathore

In an insightful conversation, Aditi Rathore digs into the show’s unique premise and discusses her ideas on how her role connects with her and more.

1. Give us some insight into Tanvi’s character, her background, her in the family, and key personality traits that define her.

Tanvi is the middle daughter in the Sharma family, with Deepika being the eldest, and Pallavi the youngest. Tanvi is a married woman who takes her duties and responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law, very seriously. Her focus is on managing the household. She is quite selfless and tends to put others before herself. However, she has many suppressed emotions that don’t get an outlet. She is simple and an emotional girl when it comes to dealing with the outside world.

2. How do you connect with Tanvi’s character, and what aspects of her personality resonate with you?

Tanvi is very devoted and fulfils her duties very religiously. I absolutely admire her commitment towards her family, and that is one trait that I value the most. I can also relate to it on a personal level because I believe that whatever you are doing, you should give your hundred per cent to it.

3. What can people expect from ‘Angan Aapno Kaa’ as a show?

People will get to see the point of view of a father-daughter relationship and how everyone has their own struggles. The show unfolds the complexities of family relationships, also focusing on unique struggles each character faces as they navigate through life. Each character has a specific dynamic. The audience will find the story to be sympathetic and captivating.

Aangan Aapno Kaa Star Cast

4. Pallavi has a unique perspective on marriage. What does Tanvi feel about the concept of marriage?

While Pallavi believes that marriage shouldn’t be a barrier between a girl’s responsibility towards her parents, Tanvi is the opposite of her. Unlike Pallavi, Tanvi has a deep-rooted belief in the typical gender roles. She truly believes that a wife’s role is to take care of the household, while the husband is the sole breadwinner for the family. She even tends to prioritise her husband and kids over everything else.

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5. What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Since Tanvi is such a devoted housewife and mother, her entire day goes into ensuring the well-being of her husband and kids. Tanvi has a lot of unspoken emotions, a lot of things that she keeps in her heart. It is such a layered character. While she happily fulfils her duties as a housewife, she has a lot going on in her heart, and that I found very challenging to portray.

6. How would you describe the dynamics and bond shared among the Sharma sisters – Deepika, Tanvi, and Pallavi?

The bond between Deepika, Tanvi, and Pallavi is unbreakable. It’s like an invisible thread that keeps them connected every day. They are connected despite their hectic schedules with their families and careers. Overcoming the difficulties of everyday life, their support for one another is constant. Our bond is not just seen on-screen, but off-screen also we have bonded like sisters. We all our like one happy family, both on-screen and off-screens.

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